Golf Links Properties began as the dream of Team Lead, Rolf Bruckert. Rolf has been an active golfer, manager, superintendent and PGA pro since his family first placed shovel to fields and made their own golf club in the Southern Tier of New York in the 1960s. Each member of the family contributed to the club’s success which still operates today with Rolf’s brother supervising from a seat in retirement row.  It’s from this background and learning all the ins, outs, and everything between that Rolf brings his extensive knowledge of the business and game of golf to the table. Being a real estate salesperson and later a broker of his own office, Rolf gained even more knowledge and experience in real estate sales. In 2007, Rolf married the two passions of real estate business and golf and brought together his first golf property sale. You can read more of his expertise on the TEAM page.

Since that time Golf Links Properties (GLP) has grown to include more listings and sales of golf properties by any real estate team in NYS. The team has earned several awards and has been making steady progress in making available comprehensive offerings and more to those interested in investment of a golf facility. Working with large and small investors, families, partners, and individuals the team has assisted in the sale of several golf properties in the past 10 years. Some as small family owned operations of $400,000 to $500,000 and upwards including with investors on a $24m properties.

Golf Links Properties (GLP) is comprehensive in approach. As a Owner/Seller you will need a broker agent who understands your business—its current realities and its potential for growth. Our goal is to help you position your property to be the most attractive business in the marketplace from valuation-to-financials-to-refinancing/financing/-to-offer-to-due diligence-to-contract-to-transfer. For the Buyer/Investor, we assist in finding the hidden potential and the hidden issues helping you to prepare your budget and ease your transition.  With access to financing, transition assistance, management and a host of vendors and builders at the ready to implement your plans, GLP is here to be your advisor and help throughout.

With our owners/sellers and investor/buyers we strive to make the transition one that is fair with full disclosure, and one that is smooth and allows each party to leave the table satisfied. We care about good business that provides profit and livelihood to all who enjoy this business of hospitality. Where ever you are in your process of disposition or acquiring a property, contact our team-its what we do!

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