A momentous day. Celebrating all that is good about our country!
Celebrating also a time in history when the good of the people and the future laid before them was at stake. Sometimes reality requires hard decisions.
But as the framers of the Constitution and Declaration knew, hard decisions are are made easier when there are Co-visionaries and friends at one's side.
That is what good business owners know too!
Whether you are a Golf club, a Bed and Breakfast, an Inn or other hospitality entity, having the right people by your side makes all the difference.
Need help with your marketing? Management? a Sale? Expansion? Re-Construction or re-design? We can help! We also have some experience in Appraisal consulting and Tax grievance. Don't go into your Independence alone! The risks may be great, but the risk of not moving forward is greater still!

Posted: 7-04-2016 9:11PM EDT