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Golf Links Properties Mangement has been around for ten years, through which GLP utilizes a commercial platform of services with the latest technological resources. National exposure for your golf facility or hospitality business (hotels, restaurants, etc.) is achieved through our customized and unique marketing program. There are no two properties the same and each presents itself differently.

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Latest CRE News


  • 2017 NYSAA

    We were so well received at the 2016 conference that we have been invited back to the New York State Assessors Association conference this October 2017 at Lake Placid. We will give a three hour power point presentation on the “Nuts n Bolts” of golf course operations from tee to green and everything in between... Read more...

  • Life is all about contrast isn't it? Good days, bad days and the days between that we judge the others by.
    This fall we were looking forward to seeing the transfer of one of our listed properties... Read more...

  • Fall Listing!

    Hello All!
    We've been up and down the thruway evaluating several properties for our Investors and Customers.
    Ranging in price ranges to appeal to those looking for their next training facility and Semi-Private Club opportunity and others that are perfect for those looking for the turn-key family operated legacy!

    Our latest is a great 9-hole that allows lots of creativity while still offering a workable equipment list, working club house, and an owner's residence to be proud of... Read more...

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    Golf Links Properties Management Group

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    Proven Solutions & Strategic Thinkers

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    Golf Links Properties Management Group

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