Strategic Exit & Transition Planning

LEGACY PLANNING: More often than not family owned business continues for many years and provides for the bread on the table, the education for the children and a legacy the family desires to pass down. Sometimes that Legacy will be handed down to the next generation. Do you know how to prepare your replacement to maximize the business and give the next generation freedom to explore new ideas in the current marketplace? Working with your financial planner/accountant/estate attorney GLP works with you to ease your transition by ascertaining current value and projecting future value through careful analysis and consulting.
SALE/TRANSITION PLANNING: It has happened--the snow was extra deep, the summer hotter than Hades and the pressures of aging, health concerns, family and ...the list goes on. The decision begins to loom as timing for making the move. Too often Sellers wait until there is a Life Event or monumental pressure before getting serious about making the move to Sell and transition. Preparing your property for Sale is far more involved than calling your agent and posting it on the Internet.
We consistently encourage and assist our Sellers to prepare the financials, the property, organize the paperwork and set the stage for a smooth transition.
The realistic expectation for proper preparation can be 3 or more years. Planning ahead is key to maximizing your investment.

Proven Solutions & Strategic Thinkers

With the most recent downturn in the economy and over-supply of golf product, our management and vendors have been successful in stabilizing and growing success at troubled golf properties.
For those who need specific expertise in certain areas, Golf Link Properties (GLP) works in concert with owners and developers to provide consulting and management services tailored to fit your requirements.
We provide or facilitate the following services:
-Broker price opinions for refinancing or tax grievance
-Development planning
-Construction/rehab of golf course and/or clubhouse
-Operations management and marketing planning
You will always get our best work, our honest opinion and fair market value. If you are continuing to repeat the same problems from failed programs and getting the same results you need to contact us.

Golf Links Properties Management Group

Since 2007 Golf Links Properties (GLP) has been focused on the Acquisition and Disposition of Golf Facilities throughout New York State. Long range planning for GLP has been to develop and enhance its knowledge and, along with the experience and knowledge of the originator of GLP, take the company to a higher level and offer management services.
Along the way it has taken twists and turns and has evolved into something more in depth of scope.
GLP will take the investor through the process of purchase to ownership, while at the same time plan for a complete business transition at the date of acquisition and a business plan to follow for the day after acquisition.
Golf Links Properties assignments are:
-Greenview Golf & Country Club
20 Whig Hill Road
West Monroe, NY
-Pioneer Hills Golf Club
3230 Galway Road
Ballston Spa, NY
-Thousand Islands Country Club
21496 Club House Dr.
Wesley Island, NY 13640
-Stonegate Golf Course
500 County Rt. 19
West Winfield, NY 13491